Hidden Disk
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Hidden disk for secret folders with password protection

In just a few seconds you can create an additional disk for your secret folders and files, and within a few more seconds you can hide this disk. To open the disk again, you will need to enter your password. This is so easy and so useful! You can create hidden folders and store any secret files on this disk. The disk will be completely virtual, hence it does not require any additional disk space; it uses free space on your hard drive. The password protection is optional and may be disabled. This disk works as a regular disk on your computer and can appear or disappear in a few seconds! The program is 100% compatible with all other programs you may have.

Hide your files

Creates virtual secret disk to store your secret files in a safe place.

Optional Password Protection

You can limit access to your secret disk by choosing strong password.

Emergency cases

Secret disk disappear automatically on power failure (or shut down of Windows OS).

Award Winning

Our program got a lot of awards, we're in business since 2002.

What others are saying?

  Nirmal @ nirmaltv.com:
"Hidden Disk is a simple, yet a powerful tool to hide files and folders in Windows and it is completely free of cost."
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  Blogger @ routerunlock.com:
"Hidden Disk is one of the popular free apps that lets Windows users create a password protected drive which can be hidden."
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  Dorien Vervoort @ clickx.be:
"Om problemen te vermijden, kan je een geheime partitie aanmaken. Deze partitie is alleen te zien wanneer je het juiste wachtwoord hebt opgegeven en kan al je belangrijke bestanden bevatten. "

  Владимир @ spectr-rv.ru:
"В этой статье рассказывается, как создать скрытый диск с защитой паролем при помощи программы Hidden Disk. Подобный диск может пригодиться для хранения документов, которые вам хотелось бы скрыть от посторонних."

Optional password protection

Password protection is not required for the disk; however, if you choose this option, you can create (open) the disk only by entering the correct password. This adds extra security to the virtual system, so no one will be able to access your secret files. Please note that the files on the disk are not encrypted. The password is only used to limit the access to the program. If you would like to add encryption, please read this article.

Easy interface

Indeed, inside this program you'll find so many functions with an easy interface! That's great!

How to create and use hidden disk on your computer (video tutorials)

Clever in emergency cases

One of the main benefits is that once you turn off your Windows OS suddenly, the virtual disk will be closed automatically; there is no need to close the disk manually. Also, creating a secret virtual disk takes just a few seconds and does not require any additional disk space. Another great benefit is a 100% compatibility of the virtual disk with any program you may have on your computer.

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Why professional version?

Free Professional
Private disk
Hidden virtual disk for your secret files
Password protection
Use your own password to enter to secret disk
Instant runaway
You can hide secret disk in one second
Interface improvements
Additional options in the settings to customize look and style
Priority Support
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