Win free professional version!

14:13, 17 November 2017

Take a deep breath, here comes really good news! Starting today we're launching new promotional campaign. Our users can now win Professional license for any of our programs.

Free professional version for any program!

What should you do?

This is automatic lottery. Just install and use our programs and, hopefully, one day you will win. Server choose winners during installation of our programs and during updates. If you win - you will see notification message on your Desktop.

Terms of the lottery

• This lottery completely anonymous, no need to provide any information about yourself. Winners will be chosen using technical and anonymous Id of the computer.
• Any user who installs any of our program automatically approved to take a part in this lottery.
• Every day, during installation (and updates) of our programs, our server randomly chooses some winners. They will receive notification message on the Desktop.
• These users will receive upgrade to Professional version for free. All locked functions of the free version will be unlocked without limitations. This upgrade will be provided until the end of this promotional campaign, and, if needed subscription will be renewed each month for free.
• We don't set the end date for this campaign yet, but we hope it will work for you for next several years. However, we reserve the right to cancel this campaign at anytime in case of any problems.

Good luck!

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17 November 2017
Win free professional version!

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