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Prevent Recovery
Make deleted files unrecoverable

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Powerful professional utility

Probably you know that deleted files can be recovered. This is true - anyone can do it using special programs, especially often this operation performed by police, FBI and other agencies. News are full of events that related to legal and illegal data recovery. Many important financial and personal information was recovered and used against human privacy and financial stability. When you delete some file it's not actually removed from the hard disk, it's just marked as "deleted" and the space which was taken by the file marked as "free". However, the contents of the file still exists on your computer until will be partially or fully overwritten by some new file. These "deleted" files may reside on your computer for years, depending on many factors. Thus, recovery of any file technically possible, but anyway you need some luck also.

Nobody will be able to track your activity.
Military standards
Our utility includes several military standards for data deletion.
Deleted data unrecoverable, so you physically stay secure.
Our program got a lot of awards from famous rating agencies and bloggers. We're in business since 2002.

What others are saying?

Famous bloggers

Download.com staff
Prevent Recovery comes with a wizard that makes it especially easy to get started. First, it asked us to select which disk we wanted to run the program. Second, we had to choose what to do with the deleted file space: replace with random characters, spaces, or random digits.
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Tina de Pierre
Overall, Prevent Recovery is a useful solution to permanently delete data and provides piece of mind. It is in-the-end an effective tool.
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Our users

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Our solution

Solution for this problem is to programmatically overwrite all free disk space where content of deleted files was located. In other words: physically wipe free disk space, replace each byte with zeros. This operation on a physical level leaves no chance for recovery. It doesn't make any changes to existing files or programs, so it's completely safe. Like for recovery you will use special program, the same is for anti-recovery - you should use special program to make already deleted files unrecoverable. For example, a program called "Recuva" scans your hard disk for deleted files and recovers them. Our product is an antagonist for this program, some people call it "Anti-recuva". Our program will make deleted files unrecoverable by wiping free disk space, so even "Recuva" or other similar product can't restore them.

Easy, intuitive interface

Indeed, to make professional operation you don't need to be a super-tech guy. The interface of the program is easy so even newbie user can operate it. It is completely intuitive, don't worry, you can do it.

Cleans MFT table

Our program will also clean Windows OS MFT table. This is very important because small files (which is under 1kilobyte) do not stored on the hard disk as other files, they are stored inside the MFT table with the file header.

Why professional version?

Free Professional
Prevent Recovery
All already deleted files will gone forever, even those which were deleted years ago.
Physical protection
Deleted files will be destroyed on a physical level, thus any recovery tool will not be able to successed.
Military standards
Includes several security algorithms from basic to those which are used in the military and CIA.
Interface improvements
Access to the additional options to customize look and style of the program.
Priority Support
Get help much faster! Paid customers are always first in the message queue.

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