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Securely delete files

As you know, once you have deleted a file or folder, it still could be recovered very easily even if you have emptied the Recycle Bin. To prevent the recovery of deleted files, you should physically replace the contents of deleted files by any data. Of course, this is done by using special programs, not manually.

How to prevent the recovery of deleted files?

There are two types of the programs that can wipe previously deleted files without any chance for them to be recovered (even using special recovery tools). The first type of such programs will overwrite the entire free disk space on your hard disk (we call it a 'blind mode'). They usually work for 3-10 hours, carefully destroying all possible remainders of deleted files' data. The second type of those programs will securely erase only selected files within a much shorter time--usually a few minutes--providing the same level of security. Our program belongs to the second type, and we are confident that it's the best type.

FREE program Secure File Deleter

This free tool will permanently wipe the contents of deleted files so that nobody would be able to recover them even using special tools. The contents of deleted files will be overwritten using random data; you can choose many security algorithms for data destruction. The program can write a combination of ones and zeroes or any characters onto any sector of your hard drive. We designed a simple user-friendly interface, but the program is very professional and powerful; it's full of valuable security features. With this program, there is no need to overwrite the entire free disk space, which usually takes many hours; everything will be done very quickly. The program was developed in partnership with the Center for Magnetic Recording Research of the University of California, San Diego.

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What security options are available?

• 12 cryptographic algorithms for maximum security, click here to see the list.
• You can overwrite the data repeatedly for 1-50 times (if you want maximum privacy).
• You can make deleted files to be empty (this deletes the chain of blocks in MFT).
• You can rename files into randomly chosen file names to prevent someone from guessing about the content of the files.
• You can delete the times of creation, modification, and last access to deleted files.

Why does this tool work so quickly?

Usual recovery prevention programs will wipe the entire free space on your hard disk, making all deleted files unrecoverable. This includes files deleted many years ago, even unimportant technical temporary files. But that process takes many hours because such programs work in a blind mode: they don't know anything about deleted files; they simply wipe out all free disk space.

Our program will be launched at the moment of deletion when you select a file that still exists. Thus, our program knows the exact location of the file to be deleted, and it can wipe its contents very quickly. There is no need to process the entire disk. This takes just a few seconds, yet the result is the same level of security.