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5 December 2022 improvements: SHA1 digest replaced by SHA256
The list of cryptography algorithms

Secure File Deleter includes 12 security algorithms for file deletion (also known as encryption algorithms). As the most important part of the program, it embodies its purpose. Having so many options makes our software excellent to be used at home or in the office. Our software meets the highest security standards.

• The most famous american DOD_5220.22_M
• Method which was designed by Peter Gutman, a scientist.
• Algorithm GOST_R_50739_95 which is widely used in various security systems in Russia.
• Less famous, but also very secure RCMP_TSSIT_OPS_II, which is originally from security departments of Royal Canadian Police.
• Method which was designed by Bruce Schneier, a scientist from Germany.
• German VSITR which is used in security system in Germany and in EU.
• British standard HMG_Infosec_Standard_5.
• Instructions for USA army AR380_19.
• Instructions for USA air force 5020.
• Cryptographic pseudo-random number generator CPRNG.
• Our own algorithm: random characters are written on the random places of the file.
• Our own algorithm: random characters are written over all contents of the file.


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9 December 2022
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