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10 October 2023 improvements: Security update
Clean Space
Deletes gigabytes of garbage and protects privacy

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A Professional Utility to Clean Your PC

Our program lets you delete unnecessary files located everywhere in your operating system - they are wasting disk space, memory, and processor resources, and most of them are a real violation of your privacy. These can be temporary files, caches, cookies, autocomplete history, logs, and much more. By deleting all this electronic garbage our program makes your computer run faster and helps protect your privacy.

Why Garbage Matters

Windows OS and other programs that you may have installed on your computer (Skype, Photos, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) fill it with electronic garbage. These programs create many cookies, caches, logs, and temp files during your work. The purpose of these files is to provide an improved user experience but to do that programs collect technical and private data about you. Cache, for example, was made to speed up system performance, but it also copies every picture you have seen on the internet directly to your hard disk. And, for example, logs accumulate statistics about visited websites to make ads more relevant to your personality.

Problems Caused by Electronic Garbage

This problem has been known since the 20th century, and there are still no better ideas - programs still make temp files, caches, logs etc. The bad side of this is decreasing computer performance and privacy. In just one day, electronic garbage can fill more than 100 megabytes to a few GIGABYTES of disk space! Just think - to maintain a cache of just 1000 images the browser will regularly index them to check which is new and which has expired. What a waste of resources! Sometimes, your computer crashes because of that! But the most important concern is privacy - the real physical danger to your life that comes from using a computer. For example, your online bank may temporarily save your credit card number in a cookie file, and in the same moment, some program that is monitoring cookies on your computer can steal it. You can lose real money when that information spreads.

Only One Simple Solution

The world knows only one solution for this problem - delete garbage. Fully scan your computer, find every piece of garbage, and delete it. Now you don't need to spend hours and do it manually, because we've automated everything. Our program was made for this; you will just need to download and install it, and then use it weekly or even daily. The cleaning operation is quick and doesn't cause any problems with Windows OS or other programs. And it won’t delete your personal or work files, which you need. They will be safe.

A Solution You Can Trust

We have been in business since 2002. And Clean_Space, our flagship product, is a professional program that was made with an easy and simple interface. Even a newbie can use this program! However, it is a fully functional, fully featured program that can beat many competitors. Even professionals use our program because it comes with many advanced options related to privacy and security. So, what you will get? Guaranteed, improved general performance of your computer or in some selected applications. Another important benefit is the privacy and security that comes as a result of clearing online tracks and electronic garbage.

Security Algorithms Included

To provide maximum protection for the user and to prevent recovery of any deleted data, we implemented many security algorithms for data deletion. You can be sure that when our program deletes data it cannot be recovered. We use government-approved standards, which are also used in the military.

Regular updates

We're constantly supporting this program, moving ahead with the world's progress, every one or two month we release new version. We do fix bugs and add new features.

Trust and Awards

Our program has received multiple awards from notable rating agencies and bloggers. This is trust and reliability. We have been in business since 2002, that's why we have not just knowledge, but also a lot of experience.

Fast Support

Sometimes problem happens. However, according our statistics, our support team responds to 90% of requests within one hour! Other 10% get response within six to twelve hours.

Strong Security

Security and privacy is our main goal. We use only newest and industry leading standards and protocols to process user's data. With us you're in safe.

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