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Auto Recycle Bin
Auto cleanup of recycle bin using rules

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Make your Recycle Bin clever

With our free small utility you can automate process of cleaning of your Recycle Bin. Usually, user should delete the contents of Recycle Bin manually, but our app lets you automate process using several rules. For example, the program can delete items in the Recycle Bin after specified period of time. Remove large items earlier, and keep small items for a longer time. Thus, you will be able to keep more items in the Recycle bin. Also, our app will control size of Recycle Bin depending on the free space of your disk. This is also convenient, because Windows OS provides only one option for fixed size only.

Supports multiple disks

As you know, Windows OS have separate Recycle Bin for each disk on your computer (even if you see just one on your Desktop, physically they are separated). Our program knows that and have separate settings for each disk also. You can customize Recycle Bin on the system disk with one preferences, and Recycle Bin on the disk with movies with another preferences.

3 ways to use

You can launch our program by 3 ways: manually, on each Windows OS startup, or always. With the first option the program will delete Recycle Bin items only when you launch an app. The second option allows process items in the Recycle Bin on each Windows OS startup, but after that the program will exit. This was made to prevent wasting of system resources, thus your computer will run at maximum performance. And the third option is to run always (it will process items in the Recycle Bin periodically on the background). Third option will eat minimum resources from the computer's memory, but your Recycle bin will be always updated.

Other benefits

No need to worry to clean Recycle Bin anymore! No need to waste your time by emptying recycle bin which is almost empty. Recycle Bin will keep more items for a longer period now. Make your Recycle Bin clever than the default Recycle Bin! You will find many additional informational options in the program: displaying size of recycle bin, number of items, links to force cleanup e.t.c.

Regular updates

We're constantly supporting this program, moving ahead with the world's progress, every one or two month we release new version. We do fix bugs and add new features.

Trust and Awards

Our program has received multiple awards from notable rating agencies and bloggers. This is trust and reliability. We have been in business since 2002, that's why we have not just knowledge, but also a lot of experience.

Fast Support

Sometimes problem happens. However, according our statistics, our support team responds to 90% of requests within one hour! Other 10% get response within six to twelve hours.

Strong Security

Security and privacy is our main goal. We use only newest and industry leading standards and protocols to process user's data. With us you're in safe.

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13 March 2018
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