How to speed up a slow computer? Our experience.

18:58, 10 November 2017

Everyone is interested to know how to upgrade their computers to get maximum speed. Usually, many companies provide programs which can make computers run 1-5% faster. However, can PC run 20%, 50%, 70% faster? Is it possible to do? Yes; but not using any software. We will need very small change of hardware.

We are speaking about SSD drives. This is modern replacement of old hard disk drives.

Usual disks (HDD) are installed in almost all computers in the world. If we will replace old-fashioned HDD disk with modern SSD, we will get faster computer. Guess how fast? Take a look at these YouTube videos which were made by people from all around the world:

Do you see a great increase in speed? Is it impressive? If you will search for more videos on YouTube about the same, you will see more proofs. You can even find videos how to replace HDD at home, yourself. It is easy.

Thus, computer speed depends not only on processors and memory, but also on the speed of the hard drive. It really depends a lot, as you can see.

Want it? Here is simple instruction:

1. Search on Google for good SSD disk for yourself and check out the price. They are not very cheap.
2. Find someone who will replace old HDD disk with a new SSD - any specialist, if you are not going to do it yourself. Ask the specialist if this is possible for configuration of your PC to replace HDD with SSD.
3. You will need to re-install Windows OS, thus make sure you have installation disk for this operating system, backup your files from the old disk to another place.
4. Buy the SSD disk.
5. Replace HDD with SSD - this procedure is very simple and can take just 5-10 minutes.
6. Re-install Windows, and transfer your files back.

Everything will work much faster! Enjoy faster access to files and faster Windows! We are not affiliated with companies or the people mentioned in the links above. This article is just a great news for guys who have slow computers but doesn't have enough money to buy a new.

By the way, our team completely moved to SSD disks ;)

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