Antivirus can lie to you. We see many do this.

11:31, 18 January 2018

Since 2002 we're working in this business. We build programs for privacy protection, and due to this, we work hand to hand with antivirus companies. During last years amount of available antivirus programs on the market changed from few to hundred. Competition on the market is so high.

We decided to write this post because we have noticed that during past years many antivirus companies build a new strategy. They simply start lying to customers (to you!).

How they lie to you?

Have you notice warning from your antivirus that some file may be dangerous? This is fake, and this is what we're talking about. Formally, they can claim that ANY file may be dangerous, and they are right, at some point even user can be dangerous. But the true is that they use mechanic algorithms to guess (!!!) that file is a dangerous or not. And these algorithms is very individual, each company have their own. Honestly, they don't know anything about the file, they just think it's dangerous.

New strategy: keep user stressed

New strategy of these companies - keep user stressed all the time. No matter is the file have real danger or not. You must see that your antivirus is working, and you must see that you're in danger which comes to you almost every day. They give you false sense of protection. But in real, there is no danger. The file is safe, it just looks suspicious by some rules, which are unknown, and may be very stupid. For example, they can mark any file suspicious just because it's have access to the disk.

Why they do it? Just for sales! If you believe in danger, if you believe that they protect you, you buy, buy and buy. They earned over 18 billion dollars in past year using your fears.

How to check if your antivirus is fake?

First, if you see some warning that file is suspicious, do not delete it immediately. Upload suspicious file to this site: This site aggregates over 60 antivirus databases at once. Suspicious file will be checked in each database. And if other antiviruses think the same as your antivirus, then, the decision is reliable. Delete suspicious file.

If only your antivirus think that the file is suspicious - delete your antivirus. Use another one.

Stay away from antivirus that "suspects"! This is shortcut to promotions, not for real protection!

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