Critical update for all our programs

18:34, 16 February 2018

In the beginning of February, during transition to a new server we faced a system-wide error. This error related to TLS protocol version (connection between program and the server). In short, our programs used TLS version 1.0, but our new server accepts only modern version 1.2... Thus, programs released prior February 2018 will not be able to get automatic updates or activated. Customers will see #SA4 error. But it's not dramatical error, don't worry. All programs, themselves, are fine and keep working, but just without connection to our server.

We're happy to inform you that this problem has been solved, but you will need to download and install new versions of affected programs.

Affected programs
Clean Space, Hidden Disk, Prevent Recovery, Secure File Deleter

What I must do?
If you have one of the mentioned above programs simply download and install newest version from our web site. The new versions, which are released in February 2018 and later have support for TLS version 1.2, you will not see #SA4 error anymore.

We're really sorry for inconvenience, but since there was no way back to old server, we have only one option - major update.

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