New free program: Auto Recycle Bin

23:43, 13 March 2018

Guys, we're happy to announce that in March 2018 we have released one more completely NEW and completely FREE program: Auto Recycle Bin. Yes, our family grow up! This program is a tiny utility dedicated to automate cleaning of your Recycle Bin. It will delete items in it depending on your rules. The program supports multiple disks, thus you can setup your own preferences for each disk separately. We will keep improving this app with new features, so please leave feedback!

To try new app: click here.

Please note that this app dedicated for free use only. We will never add paid features to this program, it will always be free. We have plans improve this program. Reason for freeware? We want to get some traffic for our web site.

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Auto Recycle Bin software has been retired ( 9 December)
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9 December 2022
Auto Recycle Bin software has been retired

1 July 2022
New brand is coming

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