Launching support by phone (beta-testing)

17:28, 31 May 2018

Starting June, 1, 2018 support by phone is available in beta-mode! In addition to regular contact form which is available at our web site, from now on we will provide support to our customers by phone. You can find the phone number at the top of every page.

Working hours: Mon-Fri, 10:00 - 17:00, timezone: GMT+2

Language: English (starting autumn 2018 we'll add more languages).

Please note that phone number located in Prague, that's Czech Republic, Europe. Your cellular provider will charge you a fee according your calling rates.


Even if we said "it's launched", support by phone will be in beta testing for a while. That means that during period from June till August 2018 we will test our equipment, data center, provider and train our staff. We're very sorry (in advance) if there is will be some problems or errors and you will be unable to call us. Thank you for understanding.

And the most important - if you will experience any difficulties when calling us - don't be upset. Use the online form instead, responses by email are always guaranteed.

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31 May 2018
Launching support by phone (beta-testing)

24 May 2018
New program: Secure File Deleter 6

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