What will be left on the disk after the secure erase?

Our customers often ask: When I use secure erase on data that has already been deleted, what will be left on the disk? That's a good question, few apps implement the use of many security algorithms and protocols to erase data. Today we will take a closer look at what will be left on your hard disk after wiping data using one of the available templates.

Below are screenshots of the disk space after the secure erase. If someone inspected the free space of your hard drive, this is exactly what he/she will see. Note that this is free space, which had previously been assigned to some file, but later was erased by our apps and now the file is no longer available for recovery. All of the data that is overwritten to the location of the old file is random.

Random characters and numbers

Random characters

Random signs

Random numbers

Spaces and chr(255)

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