1000 days online

07:58, 23 September 2018

29 December 2015 we have launched our new project with codename "Cyrobo". As for today we celebrating 1000 days of its work. Our project became one of the biggest in the industry, released several programs, replaced many old version with a major updates. Our project also have great plans for the future. Amount of our users grows from month to month, and there is no limits in the geography of our users: they are separated all around the world. We hope you enjoy our programs and we welcome any feedback which helps us make the apps better. Thank you for being loyal customers!

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Auto Recycle Bin software has been retired ( 9 December)
New brand is coming ( 1 July)
New billing company ( 2 August)
We wish you good health (29 May)
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9 December 2022
Auto Recycle Bin software has been retired

1 July 2022
New brand is coming

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