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10 October 2023 improvements: Security update
Update history

7.59 • 10 Oct 2023

This update includes security improvements.

7.58 • 13 Dec 2022

This update includes 2 great changes:
1. During New Year's season we will give you huge discount for all our apps! Check out our new prices at our web site!
2. We are removing SHA1 code signing certificate from our executables. It was deprecated by Microsoft many years ago. We supported it after that for many more years just to support old operating systems. From now on our code will be signed by modern SHA256 only.

7.57 • 21 Nov 2022

Today we are releasing cumulative update which includes many bug fixes that were reported by our users within past months. All of them not major bugs. Mostly, its a light bugs that not effect anything important, but they were annoying and the time has come to fix them. Thank you for your help!

7.56 • 17 Sep 2022

We thank our users who spent some time reporting small bugs to our developers! Thank you so much, guys! Your support helps us notice even smallest mistakes. As a gift, we will provide free Professional license of our product for those who helped us.
This release includes several bug fixes which were reported by our users.

7.55 • 06 Jul 2022

This update does not include significant changes to the app's interface, however, we made various improvements into the code and security. May be you will not notice visual difference, but the app will be thankful for update.

7.54 • 27 Jan 2022

Some users was not able to see the list of available zones for cleanup in Windows 11. This issue has been fixed now.

7.53 • 23 Jan 2022

In this release we are fixing small but annoying bug. On Windows 10 computers you can see "floating" button sometimes on the main screen. Sadly, the button was always on a new position when you restart our app. Now it has been fixed.

7.52 • 17 Sep 2021

This is maintenance release which improves overall security.

7.51 • 03 Aug 2021

In this release we are fixing two programming issues, first was blinking main window on app startup and the second is a program crash during purchase. Also, process of purchase of Professional version has been improved: since August 2021 we are using new billing agent to process orders.

7.50 • 07 Jul 2021

This update includes several security improvements.

7.49 • 23 May 2021

This is big update that includes many performance improvements. Please note that functionality of the app is untouched, we are just optimizing!
- Removed subscription offer. Since we no longer send newsletter by email we will not disturb you with the screen that offers email subscription.
- Removed offer to download and install our other apps. This screen was mostly disturbing than helpful.
- The program will not collect anonymous usage statistics anymore.
- Changed interval for checks for free updates, previously it was once per 5 days, and now it's once per 14 days.
- Removed several useless links in the menu of the application, making interface light.
- Removed 2K of programming codes that no longer in use.
- Fixed bug that shows message of incorrect setup size.

7.48 • 06 Feb 2021

Security update (for security purposes no further information provided).

7.47 • 27 Nov 2020

In this release we have removed some old promotional screens and our own ads. The program will not disturb you with something that not directly related to cleaning process. We will continue to make our program light and fast, without anything useless.

7.46 • 19 Aug 2020

In this release we are changing notification interval about Professional version. You will see less popup windows that offer you premium subscription. Enjoy!

7.45 • 29 May 2020

This update includes few changes related to improved security.

7.44 • 21 Mar 2020

This update does not include big or visible changes, but for us it was important. We made some changes in the software's core, we call it "light tuning", and, as a result - in some cases an application will work faster from now on.

7.43 • 10 Feb 2020

In this update you will see a new link in the final window after cleaning process. This link will give you access to our new cleaner program which was developer in late 2019, and launched recently in 2020. This program will be developed as primary cleaner, however, Clean_Space will also be supported, no need to worry. The new program is great, check it out!

7.42 • 26 Dec 2019

Fixed several bugs, its a Christmas gift from Santa

7.41 • 25 Nov 2019

This release is useful for Windows 10 users: we have added new cleaning options to the list.
Added cleaning of "CryptNetURL" cache for the following apps:
- Skype
- Windows Maps
- Windows Mail
- Windows Photos
- Windows Camera
- Viber
- Cortana
- Windows Edge
- Pandora
- Windows News
- Dropbox
CryptnetUrlCaches stores some information about secure connections which these apps using. Thus, some data may be keept on your PC about sites to which these apps connects to and, plus, its a cache, its a copy of something that you can delete and usually don't need.

7.40 • 29 Oct 2019

In this release we are improving security of the program. Due to the nature of security itself we cannot describe changes that were made. Thats because first rule of security is that everything should be in a secret :)

7.39 • 17 Sep 2019

• Critical bug fixed: improved cleaning of FireFox browser. Previously you may notice that after cleanup all settings of extensions in FireFox browser was reset. Now, this problem has been fixed.
• Improved translation to spanish (corrected by human).

7.38 • 03 Sep 2019

This release fixes several bugs related to the interface of the program and adds new function.
• As you remember, recent update brings you the ability to change color of the interface. You can find that option in the preferences area. However, there were no buttons to cancel changes. Today we are adding such possibility, a new button to cancel color changes and reset to defaults.
• Fixed several bugs related to the interface which you can see.

7.37 • 30 Jul 2019

We are very happy to introduce this update because it contains new function related to the look and style of the program.
• New function: you can customize color of interface of the program. Just go to the settings of the program and click button "Color". You will see standard window with pallet of colors and you can pick any standard color or even choose more specific.
• Removed program logos to prevent conflict with your own color.
• Some images made in black color to prevent conflict with your own color.

7.36 • 25 Jun 2019

This release includes several improvements in design and updates in translations:
• Expanded working area of the main screen.
• Removed logo of our program from the main screen. We think there is no need to show it after splash screen and we have decided just to save valuable space.
• Fixed bug that displayed wrong color around quote of the day.
• Improved translation of quotes to spanish.
• Also the program has been signed by new code signing certificate.

7.35 • 20 May 2019

With this update we have revised all programs that support by Clean_Space. These programs that can be installed on your computer and can collect some private information or generate electronic garbage. Our program should be always up to date to be able recognize them, detect newest versions of these programs and delete all possible garbage in them. There were some changes made in the list.

7.34 • 18 Apr 2019

This update includes several light corrections of the user interface. Some elements was moved a little for better visual appearance, modified length, improved style. The list of changes is not big, thus you even can not notice big difference.

7.33 • 14 Mar 2019

Big thanks to one of our fans, mister Kim Y. who is living in the USA right now. He has discovered very important issue with the program (version which is running on a 64 bit systems). This issue not related to all users, but some of you (less than 2%) may have seen successful cleaning report, while it was not really true. This issue has been fixed now. The problem was in procedure which is printing results to the user interface, not in the cleaning process itself. In other words, the program showed the wrong report, but did its job correctly. Please note that this issue affect less than 2% of our users, which is using one of old models of not very famous HDD manufacturer. We are happy that with help of our users (and our fans) we can make our program better! Thank you very much!

7.32 • 17 Feb 2019

We did it again! This release dedicated to just one improvement: we made some changes in the code which will result in 10-15 % increase of cleaning speed. On some test computers we saw 20% increase of the speed. You can notice improved performance only at certain computers running Intel and AMD processors. As you know we already made some changes similar to these few month ago, and we found that we can do even better!

7.31 • 17 Jan 2019

With this update we are withdrawing the New Year style, which was with you for past few weeks. But don't worry, for next year we will do something else! But till that time we will put this style in the box. By the way, we like this idea, and for spring time we will provide you a new image, so you wont be bored with our program.

Also, according request from third-party we making some changes to the legal part of the program. Some documents on the site and in the program will be updated to meet reality. There is no problems with the program itself, but just one of the statements at our site has been expired and was not removed ontime.

Fixed a bug when you can see blue splash screen during program load which blocks the entire program.

7.30 • 26 Dec 2018

This version will bring you some magic of a New Year... We dont want to describe details of changes, but you will see it by your own eyes. This change will bring you some good mood while using our program ;)

7.29 • 03 Dec 2018

This release improves the speed of cleaning process. We made some changes to the cleaning scripts that should effect in 10-20% increase of speed during cleanup of registry. On some computers the program will work even faster, it depends on many factors. For example, if you have running antivirus, the speed will be dramatically slow, thats why we recommend to add our program to exceptions list to try the real speed. Anyway, this update is recommended for all users.

7.28 • 01 Nov 2018

We are continue improving our program and in this release we are introducing support for cleaning electronic garbage in several new browsers which you may have installed.
• Added support for Brave browser.
• Added support for CyberFox browser.
• Added support for SeaMonkey browser.
• Added support for QupZilla browser.
• Added support for QtWeb browser.
• Added support for Citrio browser.
• Few bugs fixed.

7.27 • 04 Oct 2018

This update includes several minor improvements, recommended for installation for all users.
• Design improved. Our program got new fresh look.
• Advertising links were removed! Have you noticed few links in the program with helpful articles about different topics? They are deleted now. We decided to clean interface of the program and leave only important things. If you need some intresting information - do search on Google, but let our app do its job only.
• Removed link for voting about our program (tell us the true).
• Few bug fixes.

7.26 • 15 Sep 2018

We listen your feedback! Every message which you send to us, using contact form, we listen, and if we see any problem we are trying to fix it in the next program update. This release dedicated to fix some bugs which were reported by users like you.
• Fixed bug related to tray agent menu (didnt open ontime), thanks to Johan K. from Norway.
• Fixed bug when program crashes cleaning Windows update logs, thanks to Dmitry E. from Belarus.
• Fixed bug when program counts same garbage twice on 32 bit computers, thanks to Alex O. from USA.
• Fixed bug when program hung ups during cleanup of Opera browser, thanks to CoolGuy7.
• Fixed bug when program uses incorrect encoding, and the interface looks broken, thanks to Ahmed M, from UAE.
• Fixed several other bugs which were reported by anonymous users.
Please, report any other problems to us, we will be happy to fix them! And please wait for the next release in the next month!

7.25 • 16 Aug 2018

Thanks to you, to your feedback, today we're introducing changes that were requested by our users!
• Added new function: delete computer garbage on Windows OS startup. You can enable this option in the settings area of the program, in the "Tray Agent" section. When tray agent launches (this happens when you log in to Windows OS) it will start deleting garbage immediately.
This is good alternative to option "Delete garbage and shut down PC", which is already exists in the tray menu. For example, it is not convenient to always shut down your PC using this old option, or you often forget to do that. The new option gives you power to always have clean PC on startup!
• Another addition to the function above is ability to exit tray agent after cleaning was done using the new function. You will see additional checkbox in the settings area. On Windows OS startup, right after cleanup, the tray agent will exit from memory (after 10 seconds delay). This is convenient for those who do not want keep tray agent running for all the time.
• Fixed problem with cleaning log files of automatic Windows Update. The problem was is that on a newer versions of Windows OS log files always busy and cannot be deleted by our program. Since this logs does not contain any private information (only technical data related to updates to system core) we have decided to disable cleaning of such logs. This is not violate any security or decrease performance of your computer. These logs, anyway, will be deleted later by the system itself.

7.24 • 18 Jul 2018

This release is a high security measure. We need to update some security algorithms which is related to deletion of electronic garbage. Due to the nature of this security measure we can not provide any details about this. However, we can say that this is not related to quality of previous versions of the programs. Everything is fine. We just improve security to prevent possible problems in the future. Anyway, this update is recommended for all users.

7.23 • 16 Jun 2018

This release dedicated to some requests of our users and bug fixes.
• Improved cleaning in Windows 10 (version 1803). There was an issue with cleaning recent files list, this issue has been fixed.
• You can specify your own name of restore point.
• Added checkbox to close programs during cleanup which shows explicit action. You will not be confused anymore.
• Other minor changes requested by our users.

7.22 • 11 May 2018

We're happy to announce that this release contains many improvements suggested by our users. Yes, we value your feedback! It also contains several bug fixes noticed by other users.
• Improved cleaning in Thunderbird. Now history of recently used email addresses separated from common history. You will see additional checkbox for that area. Few users asked us not to delete collected addresses in bulk with the other history.
• Improved cleaning of temporary files. Now, annoying folder "Tempzxpsign" which appears in Local folder will be deleted too, because its a garbage that placed in a wrong place. Just check option "Temporary files and folders" under Windows OS list.
• Added cleaning of cache in "Google Earth" program.
• Added cleaning of WaterFox browser, another clone of FireFox.
• Added cleaning of log files and cache in "IObit Uninstaller" program.
• Added cleaning of cache and history in VirtualDJ program.
• Added cleaning of garbage in "Pale Moon" browser (another clone of FireFox).
• Improved user interface for cleaner view: removed progress image from the progress screen, remove advertising from the main screen, improved stats on the main screen, increased size of main buttons on the main screen.
• Added quick link in the program settings to access Windows System Restore interface.
• Added support for "Autodesk Pixlr" image editor, from now on you can delete history of recently used elements.
• Added support for FastStone Image Viewer, also, you can delete history of recently used folders.
• Added support for GIMP 2, image editing software, you can delete history of activity and information about recent session.

7.21 • 09 Apr 2018

This update includes several improvements related to the cleanup. We have added several new and popular programs to the list, because we found they also have some electronic garbage. From now on CleanSpace will delete garbage also in the following programs:
• Added support for WhatsApp Desktop.
• Added support for PhotoScape.
• Added support for DriverEasy.
• Added support for DriverBooster.
• Revised and improved procedure to create Restore Points.
• Other minor changes to the code.

7.20 • 14 Mar 2018

Small update that includes some code cleaning and improvements. This update released as regular maintenance, which will help us release new features in the future. Anyway, its recommended for installation, even if there is no visual changes for you, but for us, developers, it was important.

7.19 • 15 Feb 2018

CRITICAL UPDATE. This update is very important. It fixes critical bug, please install as soon as possible.
• Details about the problem. Recently we have moved to a new server and the new software on our new server was not compatible with old versions of our programs. The problem was in conflict between two security protocols: our programs use TLS version 1.0, but new server accepts only TLS version 1.2. Because of that all programs which we have released before will be unable to communicate with the server. If you will not install this update you will not be able to receive updates in the future, subscribe, activate or anything else that requires interaction with the server. Your program will be disconnected forever. Please accept our apologies, this situation made a lot of pain to us, we really didn't like to update all programs at once, but this is the only one solution.
• Added support for security TLS version 1.2.
• Added security patch for updates, to prevent such situation in the future.
• Cleaning of cache of windows update improved.

7.17 • 15 Dec 2017

Hey, guys, you'll like this update! Even if it has no super changes, it has useful change! This update includes one new feature and tonnes of other changes. Here they are:
• New feature: manage detected applications! From now on you can enable or disable applications which is supported by our program. Just open program settings and navigate to the last section. This option have two benefits: you won't see in the list apps that you don't want to clean. And! The most important! Startup of the program will be much much faster! For example, if you have Windows 10, why we're still trying to detect Windows XP, 7, Vista and 8? No more! Disable detection of unnecessary apps now and get maximum performance!
• Improved cleaning in Windows OS: added cache of application compatibility.
• Improved cleaning in Windows OS: log of pending operations.
• We made some visual re-arrangements on the main screen and on the settings screen, they have less words now.
• The program has been signed by new secure code signing certificate.
• Added link to view all supported areas on the "Detailed" window.
• German translation has been corrected by human.
• Greek translation has been corrected by human.
• Polish translation has been corrected by human.
• French translation has been corrected by human.
• Famous phrases are now displayed depending on the day, thus you will see new great quotes every week.
• Other minor changes to the code.

7.16 • 22 Nov 2017

Great news! With this update we start new promotional campaign: you can win free professional version! See more information below. Also, in this update we made some changes to the core libraries of the program. Mostly, these are technical changes, you will not notice difference, but for us it was important. Changes are:
• Win professional version! During installation or update of the program you can win professional version. This promotional campaign have no expiration date yet, thus you can be the owner of professional version for a long time! And it's for free! Every time you install or update our programs - you taking part in this lottery. If you won, you will be notified by message on the Desktop. You will not need to provide any credit cards, no personal information needed!
• New interface for general preferences of the program.
• Translation of detailed listing of areas for cleaning.
• You will notice new links to helpful articles on the web.
• Fixed bug: some supported languages was missing from the list.
• Fixed bug: empty window can appear after closing the program.
• Notification about professional version will be displayed less ofter, we don't want to annoy you.
• Other minor changes to the code.

7.15 • 26 Oct 2017

In this release we're preparing to fix issues with translations of the cleaning list and other language-related things. Also, we improve cleaning for OS Windows 10. Below is a list of changes in this version:
• Fixed problem when each folder display settings was restored to defaults.
• Added translation of the list with areas for cleaning. Currently to one language, but other languages will be added in next release.
• Added cleaning of cache of Cortana.
• Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 Camera (cache of recent thumbnails of videos).
• Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 News.
• Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 Mail (cache of messages and attachments).
• Added cleaning of cache of Windows 10 Photos (cache of thumbnails).
• Added cleaning of cache of Apple Software Update. It's not selected by default because will restart their installer for few seconds. However, you can remove a lot of garbage, in our tests there was over 1 Gig of cached files.
• Starting from this version we collect less anonymous statistics about usage of our programs. Privacy improved.
• Installation of updates will now have express settings, you won't need to pass every step in the installer again. You will see this change when you'll upgrade from version 7.15 to 7.16
• Greek translations has been updated, thanks to our volunteer
• Few other small bugs fixed.

7.14 • 30 Sep 2017

This update includes some visual changes in the settings area and few minor improvements in the code. Please, leave your feedback, no matter if its positive or negative.
• We didn't like default tabs which was made in previous version in the settings area. They look ugly and in this release we have replaced them with our own look and style. Just click "Settings" button on the main screen and you will see new nice screen.
• The program window became wide for 50 pixels more. This was made to let you see all texts in the "Details" section, without truncating.
• Notification about upgrade to Professional version will appear less often. We don't want to annoy you with it.
• New option in the settings: you can turn on or off error report, which you can see after cleanup. In most cases these error reports was about files which are currently in use. And there is nothing you can do about it. So, why worry?
• Quotes translated to greek language (automatic translation, sorry!)
• Added support for Total Commander (thumbnail cache).
• Few other small bugs fixed.

7.13 • 06 Sep 2017

In this month we pay attention to improve interface of the list of supported programs. We made it more user-friendly, so you can see what is going on. Also, security was improved by adding new features. May be less changes then in previous month, but the changes are very important. Please, take a look:
• Added free SDelete tool! This is very big addition to security of our program! For many years Microsoft supports their own secure deletion tool SDelete. But this tool have no user-interface and may be incapsulated into any other third-party program. So, we made this! From now on you can use SDelete tool while deleting files using our program. Visit settings area of our program for more information or click here to view information at Microsoft's web site.
• In the left part of the list you'll see grayed and colored icons. This is fun, but it's also very useful. Grayed icon means: no garbage. Colored icon means: that there is some garbage. Just one look and you know where is the garbage!
• Now you will see "working" icon in front of each area which is currently being processed.
• Long descriptions will be truncated, but you will see popup window with full information about every cleaned area.
• Added new security algorithms for data deletion: USA air_force 5020 and CPRNG.
• Corrected bug with the encoding during submission of feedback.
• Procedures on the program startup was optimized. Startup of the program should be quicker.
• Corrected problem with empty window which may appear after closing our program.
• Many other small bugs fixed.

7.12 • 10 Aug 2017

This update includes a lot of new functions and very good improvements, we spent a lot of time for it. Enjoy! Todays changes are:
• Introducing cookie keeper! You can now save some selected cookie files in your browser! For example, after each cleaning you need to re-enter your password to Facebook. From now on, add Facebook to cookie keeper and the login information wont be deleted each time. Supported FireFox-based browsers and Chromium-based browsers.
• Added option to delete cache of Windows OS Installer (except Windows XP).
• Added option to delete cache of Windows OS update service (except Windows XP).
• Added support for Thunderbird email client.
• Added 3 very strong algorithms for data deletion: VSITR, HMG Infosec Standard 5 and US AR380-19. These are less popular algorithms in the industry, however, they are used by many our competitors.
• Added option to clean and turn off the computer to the tray agent's popup menu.
• Added option to calculate (or delete) garbage on your computer to the tray agent's popup menu.
• Tray agent can delete garbage automatically when you close some app.
• Top progress bar appears only if secure deletion has been enabled. This will reduce number of information on the progress page for cleaner interface.
• Smooth process of garbage calculation. Now big folders calculated not at once with one tick (which can take few minutes), but one by one. Looks very nice.
• Prevented duplicate calculation of garbage during preview.
• New functions marked by green label and texts to let you know what we did.
• Added hungarian translation of the interface.
• Many bugs fixed.

7.11 • 16 Jul 2017

This time we made many good new features and security improvements, especially for functionality of Tray Agent. But don't worry, this is not all! We will continue add more features to the program, a lot of good things are in our to-do list! Stay tuned! Todays changes are:
• Added 3 very strong algorithms for data deletion: GOST R 50739-95, RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, Schneier. These are very popular algorithms in the industry and they are used by many our competitors.
• Improved cleaning of Windows OS: now you can delete system restore points (only when program started with administrative privileges). Hey, it's wise not to use this option with the next new function! ;)
• You can now create new System Restore Point automatically before launching deletion process. In case something will go wrong you can roll back to previous state. You can find this setting in the preferences of the program. It works only when the program started with administrative privileges.
• Menu of Tray Agent will now list all supported programs.
• In the menu of Tray Agent you can access a new option to calculate garbage in the selected program, results will appear as standard popup notification of Windows OS.
• In the menu of Tray Agent you can choose to monitor some program on your computer and get reminders when you close it. This is convenient when you want to delete garbage in the app after you're done with it. You can choose amount of minutes to let program work before you get notification about it. This is convenient, because sometimes we open programs for few seconds, should not get notifications about these, right?
• Fixed bug: when running some program it may be cleaned by our program, which should not be.
• Quote of the day will appear in different languages. However, we're sorry, we still use automatic translation... But sometimes it's fun!
• Added new link to rate our program, you will see it at the final step, after deletion process. Click the link "Tell us the truth ;)". We need your opinion! Really, guys, we need it!
• Other good small improvements to the code.

7.10 • 17 Jun 2017

Fixed critical bug which prevents application from startup in some cases. Guys, we're really sorry for this!

7.09 • 11 Jun 2017

We're proud to present an updated version of our popular program, which contains several huge improvements for security, speed and visual performance. We have also fixed several program bugs. Here is the list of changes:
• Dramatically improved program startup time! Detection of programs now performed much quicker, thanks to the cache which we made for the program.
• Added two very strong algorithms for data deletion: DOD 5220.22-M and Gutmann. These is the most popular algorithms in the industry and they used by any security program.
• Added option to securely overwrite content of the file from 1 to 10 times, before deletion, to prevent recovery.
• We have added more famous quotes to the list, now about our planet and nature. They will be changed every 12 seconds to provide more fun when cleaning your computer.
• Fixed bug when you was unable to view content of some area, annoying window "Please wait, processing" will not disturb you anymore.
• Added support for browser Safari, the latest stable version.
• Added support for FileHippo App Manager.
• Added support for browser Comodo Chromodo.
• Progress bar improved: now its moving more accurate. It is now showing progress of cleaned programs, not the total amount of bytes.

7.08 • 19 May 2017

We're continue expanding settings area of the program! Todays changes related to secure cleaning, bug fixes and improvements of the interface and cleanup process of browser Internet Explorer. Here is the list of changes:
• Added free function for secure deletion. Now you can write random characters to random places of the file before deletion. This will make deleted files corrupted, so even if recovered they will be useless. Works perfect with archives, videos and encoded files. Less secure with plain text files. Note that secure deletion will take more time.
• Style of the progress bar was improved. Now you will see additional progress bar at the top, which indicates the file name including percentage of progress for each file. This is useful when deleting large files using secure deletion.
• Improved cleaning of browser Internet Explorer: added image store, domain suggestion cache, indexed database and history.
• Critical bug fixed: tray agent and the main form not closed during install and update of the program.
• Critical bug fixed: tray agent shortcut was not removed during uninstall of the program.
• Corrected portuguese translation, thanks to Rui Rebelo
• Corrected slovenian translation, thanks to Jadran Rudec

7.07 • 17 Apr 2017

We're going to add more security to our program - we're expanding preferences area! This update doesn't include all the changes, but it have many starting points which is in development. Some of them already available to use. We will keep our work concentrated on security by adding more tools within next few months! But lets review all the changes:
• Added cleaning options. Now you can securely erase computer tracks and garbage, without any chance for deleted data to be recovered! This function available partially and still in development.
• Added agent in the tray. This small tool will be helpful in the future, it will monitor garbage in real time, and remove it, if needed. This function available partially and still in development.
• Added support for browser Cent 2.
• Added support for browser Epic 55.
• User interface improved. Now you can't click links which should not be clicked during some operations. Previously such clicks resulted in a program crashes.
• User interface cleaned: elements moved for better visual performance.
• Introducing "Professional version"! From now on some functions of the program will be available to you after additional paid registration. This will give us great motivation to develop updates and new releases for the program. Don't worry, registration is optional and you still can use main functions of the program for free.

7.06 • 25 Mar 2017

This is minor update which includes advanced support for browser based on the Chromium project and some other small improvements. May be you will not notice them, but for us it's important. Also, visible changes are:
• Added support for browser Kinza.
• Added support for browser UC_Browser.
• Added support for browser FlashPeak_SlimJet.
• Added support for browser Vivaldi.
• Support for browsers Torch, Comodo_Dragon and Yandex_Browser was improved.
• Removed garbage in the program files folder.
• Links in the menu of the program was re-arranged, now you will see only one link "About the program" which will open links to all our resources, such as: updates, activation, feedback and others.

7.05 • 07 Feb 2017

This is critical update which includes improvements of translations, new code signing certificate and support for a new program. The most important security change in this release that we have updated code signing certificate, because the old one will expire in March. Please update your copy of the program to prevent it from problems with security.
• Added Slovenian translation, big thanks to our volunteer Jadran Rudec!
• German translation was corrected by real human, big thanks to our volunteer from
• Added cleaning for browser Comodo IceDragon.
• Added new code signing certificate.

7.04 • 07 Jan 2017

This is minor update which includes many good new features, especially for Windows 10. For example:
• Added two new options for cleaning in Windows 10. First option will delete cache of pinned items. And the second option will delete history of recently used apps. Click Details button in the main window and you will see these two new options located at the end of Windows 10 list.
• Added cleaning in native Windows 10 program - Windows Maps.
• Good news: english translation of the user interface was corrected by human.
• Added cleaning of browser "Torch".
• Fixed bug when a program window was not in the center of screen.
• Improved window "About the program".
• Other small invisible improvements in the code.

7.03 • 15 Dec 2016

This is very important update for our program, please install it as soon as possible. Changes are:
• We have added window with settings! From now on you can control how the program works for you. In this release there is just few settings, but with every next release we will add more and more, as soon as number of features will grow the settings window will grow too!
• Fixed critical bug. Some users saw error message "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow", which appear sometimes in the beginning of cleaning if there were too many garbage. This issue has been resolved.
• Cleaning in Windows 10 has been improved: added 2 new areas - TileDataLayer database and cache of Windows OS update (use with caution!).
• Added support for Pandora player and Avast antivirus.
• Full greek translation! Very big thanks to our volunteer from:
• Quote of the day will appear during cleanup also, not just on startup. Now you have enough time to read it!
• Improved detection of third-party programs.
• Other small improvements.

7.02 • 22 Nov 2016

This release of the program includes several bug fixes and improvements. Also, added several new plugins, thus the program will support more areas for cleanup.
• Design of the message box was improved.
• Added support for 28 languages, most of them have automatic translation.
• Fixed bug: "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow". Some users saw this error message when they start cleaning.
• Fixed bug: critical error arise when you accidentally close the app during pre-calculation or startup.
• Fixed bug: removed annoying question marks which appear on the cleaning screen.
• Added support for Microsoft Office 2007.
• Added support for Comodo Dragon.
• Added support for Itunes.
• Added support for Jdownloader.
• Improved cleaning in Internet Explorer.
• Improved cleaning in Internet Download Manager (IDM).
• We have removed buttons for social networks... Anyway, you didn't click them.
• We're now collect additional anonymous statistics about time needed to start the program, to calculate garbage, to remove garbage. This is normal practice for quality improvement by any company. If values will be bad we will improve the code.
• Fixed two typos in quote of the day.
• Installation improved: re-install will remove plugins folder and create it again, to prevent duplicates.
• Installation improved: program files folder will include original english text files for translation, if someone would like to help us with the translation.
• Installation improved: links in the Windows OS menu was re-arranged, there is no mess there now.
• Some other light improvements.

7.01 • 24 Oct 2016

This release of the program is still in beta testing, however, it's stable and we didn't received any negative feedback from you. Looks like you like this small program and we will continue developing. So, lets take a look what we have done in this release of the program?
• Added support for the following 12 programs: Opera browser, Yandex browser, YTD Video Downloader, Free YouTube Downloader, ComodoDragon browser, 7ZIP, CCleaner, Java, uTorrent, Internet Download Manager. Also, we have added support for Microsoft's browsers: Internet Explorer and Edge - but just general areas, we will keep improving support for these two programs in the future releases.
• Added warning if translation of the interface was automatic.
• Added link to change language, thus you can switch it!
• Fixed crash when the program tried to access protected folders.
• Fixed reports, they all now in UTF-8 encoding.
• Fixed some typos in languages, also corrected some quotes.
• Added buttons of social networks: Twitter, Facebook and VK. Please tell your friends about us!
• Added alert: if our program fails to close some other program it will now display you message about this, it will not stop in silence.
• Interface of the program was translated to German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian languages.
• We have also fixed tonnes of small bugs.

7.00 • 02 Oct 2016

In 2017 we will celebrate 15th anniversary of our most popular program: Clean Space. Today we release a completely new version of this program. It has a new look and style. All codes are re-written and we start from scratch, interface is made more friendly for any user. Starting with version 7, the installation will be based on InnoSetup for a maximum convenience.


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