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10 October 2023 improvements: Security update
Update history

5.08 • 10 Oct 2023

This update includes security improvements.

5.07 • 10 Dec 2022

With this update we are removing SHA1 code signing certificate from our executables. The SHA1 digest was deprecated by Microsoft many years ago. We keep it after that for many more years just to support old operating systems. From now on our code will be signed by modern SHA256 only. Thus, legacy systems, such as Windows 7 and earlier will see "unsigned executable" warning, because they don't recognize newest SHA256. You may still use our app, just click "yes" or "approve" to continue in a warning dialog box.

5.06 • 10 Jul 2022

This update does not include significant changes to the app's interface, however, we made various improvements into the code and security. May be you will not notice visual difference, but the app will be thankful for update.

5.05 • 11 Feb 2022

In this release we are improving performance and security by removing some legacy code.

5.04 • 13 Aug 2021

This update fixes issue with blink of main screen.

5.03 • 22 May 2021

This is big update that includes many performance improvements. Please note that functionality of the app is untouched, we are just optimizing!
- Removed subscription offer. Since we no longer send newsletter by email we will not disturb you with the screen that offers email subscription.
- Removed offer to download and install our other apps. This screen was mostly disturbing than helpful.
- The program will not collect anonymous usage statistics anymore.
- Changed interval for checks for free updates, previously it was once per 5 days, and now it's once per 14 days.
- Removed several useless links in the menu of the application, making interface light.
- Removed 2K of programming codes that no longer in use.
- Fixed bug that shows message of incorrect setup size.

5.02 • 06 Feb 2021

This release dedicated to security and updates code signing certificate.

5.01 • 06 Oct 2019

Sorry for delay, we know you were waiting. Thank you for your patience! In this release we are fixing some issues with the initial release of version 5.
• Fixed numerous bugs related to the code and the interface.
• Updated tranlsations.
Also, next update will be released shortly, without huge delay like this one, sorry for that.

5.00 • 06 Jun 2019

Great news! This release includes few huge changes, and they were very expected! You will see these changes every day and you will work with these changes every day! Look what we did:
• We made a new design, specially improved for Windows 10.
• New icon for the program, in a new style and really unique.

4.15 • 03 Mar 2019

This release dedicated to improve overall security of the hidden disk. Due to the nature of changes we can not provide more details about changes (to keep it secure), except general brief information below:
• Replaced encryption from 128 bit key to 256 bit key.
• Replaced hashing algorithm for password encryption (improved).
• Modified bruteforce protection (improved).
• Fixed few small bugs related to the program's interface.
Also, according request from third-party we making some changes to the legal part of the program. Some documents on the site and in the program will be updated to meet reality. There is no problems with the program itself, but just one of the statements at our site has been expired and was not removed ontime.

4.14 • 18 Dec 2018

Thanks to your feedback we have fixed several bugs in the program.
• The program now starts much more quickly on Windows 32 bit machines.
• The program wont crash when hitting "Close" button in some situations.
• Removed green popup window which was result of incorrect installation.
• Improved overall speed by using new framework.

4.13 • 18 Oct 2018

This update includes several small improvements, however, it is recommended for all users.
• Advertising links were removed! Have you noticed few links in the program with helpful articles about different topics? They are deleted now. We decided to clean up interface of the program and leave only important things. If you need some interesting information - do search on Google, but let our app do its job only.
• Removed link for voting about our program (tell us the true).
• Few bug fixes.

4.12 • 21 Aug 2018

This release dedicated to security. We have added several new functions which will help you protect your files in some scenarios.
• New function: erase contents of hidden disk if the wrong password typed 10 times. This is the most needed and major addition to the security of the program. If someone tries to access your files we believe he/she wont stop, thus a big surprise for attacker will be total deletion of the hidden disk after several attempts. You can configure this option only during setup of a password (or change of a password). By default it is disabled.
• New function: the program warns you if someone tried to access the disk with the wrong password before.
• New function: the program will restart computer every time if someone enters the wrong password. Previously the program just exit in such cases. You can configure this option only during setup of a password (or change of a password). By default it is disabled.
• The program can now display the size of the files located on the hidden disk. You can turn on this option in the preferences area of the program. However, the size will be displayed in secure area of the disk to protect your privacy. The size of hidden disk will be calculated during closing of the disk.

4.11 • 11 May 2018

• There was a problem with password recovery function: it was broken and you was not able to recover password for the disk by email. We're happy to announce that this problem has been fixed in this release.

4.10 • 15 Feb 2018

CRITICAL UPDATE. This update is very important. It fixes critical bug, please install as soon as possible.
• Details about the problem. Recently we have moved to a new server and the new software on our new server was not compatible with old versions of our programs. The problem was in conflict between two security protocols: our programs use TLS version 1.0, but new server accepts only TLS version 1.2. Because of that all programs which we have released before will be unable to communicate with the server. If you will not install this update you will not be able to receive updates in the future, subscribe, activate or anything else that requires interaction with the server. Your program will be disconnected forever. Please accept our apologies, this situation made a lot of pain to us, we really didn't like to update all programs at once, but this is the only one solution.
• Added support for security TLS version 1.2.
• Added security patch for updates, to prevent such situation in the future.

4.09 • 16 Jan 2018

This is a minor update dedicated to security and translations.
• We have already replaced the old code signing certificate because it was expired. Enjoy the new one with extended functionality! Mostly, you should not know anything about this, but for programmers and security it is important.
• Translations of the program interface was verified by humans: german, greek, polish and french languages.

4.08 • 17 Nov 2017

Great news! With this update we start new promotional campaign and give free professional version to many of our users, see more information below. Also, in this update we made a lot of changes to the core of the program. You will notice many visual changes to the system functions, however, basic operations related to the disk untouched. Details of the changes:
• Win free professional version! During installation or update of the program you can win free professional version. This promotional campaign have no expiration date yet, thus you can be the owner of professional version for free for a long time! Every time you install or update the software - you taking part in this lottery. All users are welcome! If you won, you will be notified by message on your Desktop. You will not need any credit cards, no personal information needed!
• New interface for general preferences of the program.
• You will notice new links to helpful articles on the web.
• Fixed bug: some supported languages was missing from the list.
• Updates will now be installed using express settings, so you don't need to pass every step of the installer. You will see the difference next time you will install an update.
• Disabled anonymous statistics. The program will no longer collect basic technical anonymous stats. Privacy is important.
• Fixed bug: empty window can appear after closing the program.
• Optimized procedure on the program load, it will start faster, less bugs.
• Notification about professional version will be displayed less ofter, we don't want to annoy you.
• Other minor changes to the code.
In the next release we will work for some change related to the main purpose of the program (we have plans to add new features) and we will continue working on translations of the program interface. Thank you for using Hidden Disk!

4.07 • 04 Sep 2017

Here comes another great update which will change a lot of things! Be ready to see completely new way of working with virtual storage! This update is definitely a great step ahead! Look at this:
• Introducing MULTIPLE disks! Not just one hidden disk! You can now have separate virtual disks for each your task! Yes, more than one! In a free version you can create up to 2 disks, but in the Professional Version number of disks are unlimited.
• Each disk now have its own image, which you can select (or upload your own image). This looks great in the list of disks.
• You can set disk name for each virtual partition. Very useful function!
• Added settings window. We will continue developing this program and you will see more options shortly.
• Hardware acceleration! Virtual disk can be opened or closed in one second if you will enable hardware acceleration option, which is located in the new Settings area.
• You can delete partition, this option also available in the menu from now on.
• Corrected bug with password recovery.
• Corrected translations.
• Corrected bug when using unusual characters (not default encoding) in submitted data.
• Added link for feedback "Tell us the truth". Blame us or thank us! Use it!

4.06 • 29 Jun 2017

Because we know that you want maximum security from our program, thus todays big change is for you!
• Introducing new secure storage for your password! Starting from this version our program will use different algorithm to store password for your secret disk. The password will be securely encrypted using another stronger algorithm. For security purposes we will not mention name of the algorithm. The new version will also store your password in the different place. All these changes will provide you higher level of security.
• Corrected portuguese translation, big thanks to Rui Rebelo.
• Corrected slovenian translation, big thanks to Jadran Rudec.
• Light change in the design: background color of the window is now white, and the bottom line is gray.
• Added feedback system during program uninstall.

4.05 • 23 Apr 2017

One big improvement for security and few small changes - that's what we made for you with this release of the program! But let us tell you some details...
• Security first! The program have now stronger algorithm for password recovery. Previously, you can lost your password and function for password recovery won't work for you for several reasons. Now this problem has been fixed. Password recovery function has been improved.
• Removed some garbage in the program files.
• Menu of the program was cleaned: all links was moved to menu "About the program".
• Interface of the program was cleaned: some elements moved for better visual experience.

4.04 • 08 Feb 2017

This release fixes two critical issues of the program security, it also improves some already existing features of the program.
• Fixed bug that prevented hidden disk from opening on some computers.
• Added new code signing certificate. The old one will expire in March, thus, please download and install this update as soon as possible.
• Fixed bug when the program window was not at the center of the screen.
• Greek translation was corrected by real human, big thanks to our volunteer from
• German translation was corrected by real human, big thanks to our volunteer from
• Added translation to Slovenian language, big thanks to our volunteer Jadran Rudec!
• Improved window "About the program".

4.03 • 03 Dec 2016

This release of the program includes several light improvements:
• Design of the message box was improved.
• Added support for 28 languages, most of them have automatic translation.
• We're now collect additional anonymous statistics about time needed to start the program e.t.c. This is normal practice for quality improvement by any company. If values will be bad we will improve the code.
• Installation improved: program files folder will include original english text files for translation, if someone would like to help us with the translation.
• Installation improved: links in the Windows OS menu was re-arranged, there is no mess there now.
• Some other light improvements.

4.02 • 11 Oct 2016

New release contains several visual and technical changes. First, in this release of the program we have added chinese translation. This translation is automatic, probably, it's full of mistakes, but at least people can understand general purpose of all these buttons on the screen... By the way, also, we have added option to change language of the interface. You're now not required to use only system language, you can switch to default English (or to any other). If you don't like the translation - easily switch to original english! Second, one more addition: please welcome new program icon! Yes, the program got new beautiful icon, we hope you'll like it much more than the first one. Also there were some technical changes which are not noticeable, but we will tell you: the program now cleans temp files which are left after installation of an update; the program now shows warning about automatic translation; and we have added Activation section to the program menu (this is something special which is not working yet for all people, just for beta-testers).

4.01 • 02 Sep 2016

In this release we made very big step ahead for quality. Our program will now track any possible error which may appear in our product and report them to us. Just think: you saw some error message, and usually you can do nothing about this, but... In background... In a few seconds our engineers will receive alert about this error. And we will start working to find reason of the error, and find a solution to it. We hope this new functionality will reduce number of problems with our products, and minimize error messages, make our software high-quality not just in words. This function does not require any additional actions on your side, and there is no settings at all. Also, in this new version, we have removed creation of link for Hidden Disk in the menu "Send To..." because it was completely useless. Less garbage, more quality!

4.00 • 20 Feb 2016

Brand-new release of the program. We created this program due to the high demand for similar products from our competitors. However, analyzing these programs we realized that many of them are difficult to use, or have a lot of useless features. So we decided to create our own program, and make it free. Sure, we realize that our new program is missing some very important functions. We promise to add them as soon as possible, but the essential functions are ready to use. In just a few seconds you can create an additional disk for your secret folders and files, and in a few seconds you can hide this disk perfectly well. To open the disk again, you will need to enter your password. This is so easy and so useful! Enjoy!


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