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5 December 2022 improvements: SHA1 digest replaced by SHA256
Update history

4.13 • 05 Dec 2022

With this update we are removing SHA1 code signing certificate from our executables. The SHA1 digest was deprecated by Microsoft many years ago. We keept it after that for many more years just to support old operating systems. From now on our code will be signed by modern SHA256 only. Thus, legacy systems, such as Windows 7 and earlier will see "unsigned executable" warning, because they don't recognize newest SHA256. You may still use our app, just click "yes" or "approve" to continue. Just a warning message on a legacy systems will change from normal blue to yellow warning.

4.12 • 20 Nov 2022

This update is dedicated to fix bugs that were found during recent few months. There are not a lot, mostly they have zero impact on the main function of the software, however, for some of our users these bugs were annoying.

4.11 • 03 Feb 2022

In this update we are cleaning code of our application by removing legacy, not very important functions. For example, we have disabled error reporting completely. Also, a warning that requires you to check for updates won't appear anymore. This is up to you, from now on!

4.09 • 25 Aug 2021

This update dedicated to small improvements in the code.

4.08 • 23 May 2021

This is a great update that includes many performance and security improvements. Please note that all functionality of the app is untouched, we are just optimizing core procedures.
- Removed subscription offer. Since we no longer send newsletter by email we will not disturb you with the screen that offers email subscription.
- The program will not collect anonymous usage statistics anymore.
- Changed interval for checks for free updates, previously it was once per 5 days, and now it's once per 14 days.
- Removed several useless links in the menu of the application, making interface light.
- Removed 2K of programming codes that no longer in use.
- Added new code signing certificate for top maximum security.

4.07 • 10 Dec 2019

This update is related to planned maintenance. It is very important because our old code signing certificate expired and we are replacing it with a new one. Please note that program with the expired certificate may no longer work, until you install this update. Code signing certificate is a essential part of security of the program, it ensures code integrity against viruses.

4.06 • 20 Aug 2019

This release dedicated to fix few sadly bugs, reported by our users.

4.05 • 03 May 2019

Introducing to you completely new function of the program: fake recovery or recovery imitation. The title speaks about itself, however let us tell you a little bit more about it. After our program have successfully erased all deleted files on your computer you can run additional task which we call "recovery imitation". The program will create tonnes of empty files (images, videos, PDFs) on your computer with different fake names. Immediately after creation our program will delete them, but not using any secure algorithm, thus these fake files will be available for recovery. So, in other words, if someone will try to recover anything from your hard drive he will not see empty space. He will see tonnes of deleted files (but they are fake). But the person will not suspect anything, because it is normal that the disk have some deleted files. Instead of just a clean disk...

4.04 • 31 Jan 2019

• Added two new security algorithms to provide our users maximum choice. The following algorithms were added: CPRNG and US 5020. You can find more information about these on the internet. We would like to say that we consider them as strong algorithms which is used everywhere, and in the software industry also. With these two we have largest collection of security algorithms in our program.
• Added support for Arabic language (partial).
• Added support for Chinese language (partial).
• According request from third-party we making some changes to the legal part of the program. Some documents on the site and in the program will be updated to meet reality. There is no problems with the program itself, but just one of the statements at our site has been expired and was not removed ontime.

4.03 • 28 Nov 2018

Update includes new features and improvements that will increase security level during usage of the program.
• Added option to clear paging file of Windows OS (additional security option).
• Added option to automatically shut down computer when the work is done.
• Added new security algorithm for data deletion: VSITR.
• Added new security algorithm for data deletion: HMG.
• Added new security algorithm for data deletion: US AR380-19.
• Added new security algorithm for data deletion: special technical characters.
• Disabled popup that is asking for your opinion about our program. Less annoying messages.
• Disabled advertising links inside the program. Less unnecessary information on the screen.

4.02 • 28 Sep 2018

This update includes several improvements that will increase security level and provide more convenience during usage of our program.
• Added new security algorithm for data deletion: Schneier. You can read more about it here. We will continue adding even more security algorithms with the next releases so you can always have a choice from the world's most known, most trusted options.
• Added option to replace deleted data with characters and numbers (additional security option).
• Added "PAUSE" option, so you can stop the program for a while and resume the work later. Yes, we hear your feedback! This option will be useful when you need to quickly do something on your computer but our program takes all resources. From now on you can temporary stop the program, and safely resume it later.
• Added option to disable program logs. This option will be available to premium customers only.
• Added option to view recent log of program work, so you can see what the program did and with which results.
• Added option to view reason why some disk is not available for processing. The link will appear on the first screen, if there are at least one disk which was hidden from the list.

4.01 • 05 Sep 2018

This is technical release that fixes several bugs.

4.00 • 28 Jul 2018

This is completely new redesigned version of the program. It was written from scratch, have several new functions, improved security and stability. Within next few months we will add even more to it!

3.07 • 25 May 2018

• This update prepares program for the next big release. We're preparing something big for you in next month. Thus, in this release we made some small changes in the code which are may be invisible to you, but very important for development and future release.

3.06 • 15 Feb 2018

CRITICAL UPDATE. This update is very important. It fixes critical bug, please install as soon as possible.
• Details about the problem. Recently we have moved to a new server and the new software on our new server was not compatible with old versions of our programs. The problem was in conflict between two security protocols: our programs use TLS version 1.0, but new server accepts only TLS version 1.2. Because of that all programs which we have released before will be unable to communicate with the server. If you will not install this update you will not be able to receive updates in the future, subscribe, activate or anything else that requires interaction with the server. Your program will be disconnected forever. Please accept our apologies, this situation made a lot of pain to us, we really didn't like to update all programs at once, but this is the only one solution.
• Added support for security TLS version 1.2.
• Added security patch for updates, to prevent such situation in the future.

3.05 • 06 Feb 2018

Minor update that fixes issues with translations and security.
• German, greek, polish and french translations was corrected by human.
• Code signing certificate replaced with a new one.
• Few other minor changes to the code.

3.04 • 22 Nov 2017

Great news! With this update we start new promotional campaign: you can win free professional version! See more information below. Also, in this update we made some changes to the core libraries of the program. Mostly, these are technical changes, you will not notice difference, but for us it was important. Changes are:
• Win professional version! During installation or update of the program you can win professional version. This promotional campaign have no expiration date yet, thus you can be the owner of professional version for a long time! And it's for free! Every time you install or update our programs - you taking part in this lottery. If you won, you will be notified by message on the Desktop. You will not need to provide any credit cards, no personal information needed!
• New interface for general preferences of the program.
• You will notice new links to helpful articles on the web.
• Updated greek translation.
• Fixed bug: some supported languages was missing from the list.
• Fixed bug: empty window can appear after closing the program.
• Notification about professional version will be displayed less ofter, we don't want to annoy you.
• Other minor changes to the code.

3.03 • 14 Sep 2017

This update includes few small changes to the code. May be you will not notice difference, but for us it was important:
• Added feedback system, please leave your vote! You will see small link "Tell us the truth" at the final window. Click it ;)
• Corrected bug with the encoding during submission of feedback.
• Procedures on the program startup was optimized. Startup of the program should be quicker.
• Corrected problem with empty window which may appear after closing our program.
• Few other bug fixes.

3.02 • 01 Jun 2017

This update includes great improvements to the visual part of the program. The technical part (coding of the cleaning process was unchanged). However, you will like new changes:
• Several programming bug fixes, which will prevent program crashes.
• Some light changes in look and style of the program.
• Added button "Back" for the second step, so you can easily return to the previous window.
• Added german, portuguese, italian, spanish and french translation of the interface. Please note that this is automatic translation, we need your help! Please visit our site and read section for volunteers.
• Corrected Slovenian and Portuguese translations, big thanks to our volunteers Jadran Rudec and Rui Rebelo!
• Again, we have changed the size of the window to put all information in one place, for better look and style.
• Introducing "Professional version"! From now on some functions of the program will be available to you after additional paid registration. This will give us great motivation to develop updates and new releases for the program. Don't worry, registration is optional and you still can use main functions of the program for free.

3.01 • 31 Mar 2017

This is good update of the program. We did some light changes, changed size of the main windows, fixed some program bugs. We need your feedback! Please try this program and let us know what you like and what you don't like!
• Introducing new size of the window! Previously the program window was vertical, but we decided to make it horizontal to meet internet standards.
• Fixed problem - background image was missing on the second step.
• Menu of the program was re-arranged, now all important links located in the menu "About the program". Simple and clear!
• We have deleted some garbage in the program files folder.

3.00 • 09 Jan 2017

This is first release of the program.


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