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5 December 2022 improvements: SHA1 digest replaced by SHA256
Update history

1.15 • 05 Dec 2022

With this update we are removing SHA1 code signing certificate from our executables. The SHA1 digest was deprecated by Microsoft many years ago. We keept it after that for many more years just to support old operating systems. From now on our code will be signed by modern SHA256 only. Thus, legacy systems, such as Windows 7 and earlier will see "unsigned executable" warning, because they don't recognize newest SHA256. You may still use our app, just click "yes" or "approve" to continue. Just a warning message on a legacy systems will change from normal blue to yellow warning.

1.13 • 17 Sep 2022

We thank our users who spent some time reporting small bugs to our developers! Thank you so much, guys! Your support helps us notice even smallest mistakes. As a gift, we will provide free Professional license of our product for those who helped us.
This release includes several bug fixes which were reported by our users.

1.12 • 11 Feb 2022

In this release we are cleaning the code of our app for better performance.

1.11 • 23 May 2021

This is a great update that includes many performance and security improvements. Please note that all functionality of the app is untouched, we are just optimizing core procedures.
- Removed subscription offer. Since we no longer send newsletter by email we will not disturb you with the screen that offers email subscription.
- The program will not collect anonymous usage statistics anymore.
- Changed interval for checks for free updates, previously it was once per 5 days, and now it's once per 14 days.
- Removed several useless links in the menu of the application, making interface light.
- Removed 2K of programming codes that no longer in use.
- Added new code signing certificate for top maximum security.

1.10 • 13 Aug 2020

Bug fixes

1.09 • 26 Dec 2019

This release fixes some bugs and improves security of the code by replace code signing certificate with a new one. The old one has expired, and you must update the program to this version.

1.08 • 20 Aug 2019

This release dedicated to fix few bugs reported by our users.

1.07 • 29 Jan 2019

• Added Chinese translation (partial).
• Added Arabic translation (partial).
• According request from third-party we making some changes to the legal part of the program. Some documents on the site and in the program will be updated to meet reality. There is no problems with the program itself, but just one of the statements at our site has been expired and was not removed on-time.

1.06 • 05 Dec 2018

In this release we made some improvements related to the user interactions. You will find that new version will disturb you less with the functions which are not directly related to the main function of the program.
• Disabled ad links. You wont see any advertising links inside the program anymore. Hassle free interface!
• Previously our program asked for your opinion once per 3 month. Now this window removed and we will not disturb you anymore.
• Fixed issue with administrative privileges during installation of the program.

1.05 • 05 Sep 2018

This is technical release that fixes several bugs.

1.04 • 10 Jul 2018

This release dedicated to improve main purpose of the program. We also added several translations of interface of the program to other languages. This update recommended for all users, because the changes are great, managing your Recycle Bin become more convenient with every release.
• As was promised before - the screen to manage items in the Recycle Bin got several improvements. First of all, you can now sort deleted items in the list by size, name or deletion date. This is very convenient if you want to quickly choose large items, or the most oldest.
• Next improvement of that screen is that you can individual select items in the Recycle Bin and delete them.
• We have removed third option in the settings related to program startup. The program wont run always on the background anymore. You have now only two options: manually start the program or automatically run it on Windows OS startup. Really, we dont see any need to always run this app in the background and waste resources of your computer.
• Fixed critical bug with creation of startup shortcut.
• Fixed critical bug with overflow, some users have too much items in the Recycle Bin.
• We also improved interface of the program: added button to view items in the Recycle Bin, instead of small link.
• English texts were corrected.
• Program translated to italian, russian, french and greek (partially).

1.03 • 27 Apr 2018

• Introducing new screen: you can see items in the recycle bin. They will be sorted by deletion date, in a table. The table also includes names and sizes of the items. Later, with the next updates, we will add more options to manage items directly from this new screen (sort in different way, delete items individually e.t.c.).
• From now on, when you click "Process all" button you'll see intermediate screen indicating progress of work. Previously, that button just became unavailable, which was confusing for you.
• New version (free updates) will be downloaded in the background. Less messages, less hassle.
• Administrative privileges not required anymore for installation. The program will be installed to the user's folder. This change gives us great benefit: future updates will be installed without any message to the user. Less messages - less worries. Everything will work automatically on the background.
• Added support for visual styling to change look and style of the window. You'll not see any new styles in this version, however, we have prepared the code for future releases which will have this feature. However, those who are familar with ini files can create their own colors for the program already right now, just take a look into "Program Files" folder.
• Statistics improved. May be you'll not notice this change, but for our programmers this is very important. We can build better programs if we know what kind of computer you have (slow or fast).

1.02 • 27 Apr 2018

• This is technical pre-release, for tests only. It will be replaced by stable release shortly.

1.01 • 31 Mar 2018

• Speed improvement: we have added cache to the calculation system (since items in the recycle bin does not change their size), thus the program will start much much faster! In general, startup speed increased x10 times.
• Improved icon of the program: bold border, minimized image.
• Fixed bug when antivirus (sometimes) blocked startup record of our app and the program crashed.
• Fixed bug when the program crashed during calculation of items in Recycle Bin which were in use.
• Added option to the menu to change interface of the language, however, we will add more languages in the next program release.
• Corrected several bugs in the update notification system.
• Fixed bug when after installation you see nothing, even if the program has been selected to run.
• Fixed bug when clicking from the Settings on the disk label does not return you to the disk info.
• Other minor improvements in design, such as: added disk character next to the word "Recycle Bin" at the top of the window.

1.00 • 22 Feb 2018

Welcome new program! This is initial release. With this free and small utility you can automate process of cleaning of your Recycle Bin. Usually, user should delete the contents of Recycle Bin manually, but our app lets you automate process using several rules. The program can delete items in the Recycle Bin after specified period of time. Remove large items earlier, and keep small items for a long time. Also, our app will control size of Recycle Bin depending on the free space of your disk.


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