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5 December 2022 improvements: SHA1 digest replaced by SHA256
Update history

6.13 • 05 Dec 2022

With this update we are removing SHA1 code signing certificate from our executables. The SHA1 digest was deprecated by Microsoft many years ago. We keept it after that for many more years just to support old operating systems. From now on our code will be signed by modern SHA256 only. Thus, legacy systems, such as Windows 7 and earlier will see "unsigned executable" warning, because they don't recognize newest SHA256. You may still use our app, just click "yes" or "approve" to continue. Just a warning message on a legacy systems will change from normal blue to yellow warning.

6.11 • 17 Sep 2022

We thank our users who spent some time reporting small bugs to our developers! Thank you so much, guys! Your support helps us notice even smallest mistakes. As a gift, we will provide free Professional license of our product for those who helped us.
This release includes several bug fixes which were reported by our users.

6.09 • 06 Feb 2022

In this update we are cleaning code of our application by removing legacy, not very important functions. For example, we have disabled error reporting completely. Also, a warning that requires you to check for updates won't appear anymore. This is up to you, from now on!

6.08 • 23 May 2021

This is a great update that includes many performance and security improvements. Please note that all functionality of the app is untouched, we are just optimizing core procedures.
- Removed subscription offer. Since we no longer send newsletter by email we will not disturb you with the screen that offers email subscription.
- The program will not collect anonymous usage statistics anymore.
- Changed interval for checks for free updates, previously it was once per 5 days, and now it's once per 14 days.
- Removed several useless links in the menu of the application, making interface light.
- Removed 2K of programming codes that no longer in use.
- Added new code signing certificate for top maximum security.

6.07 • 07 Nov 2019

This release improves security of the program. The old code signing certificate is going to expire soon, thus we have replaced it with a new one. This will prevent problems with expired certificate message which you will see in the next month, if you will not update your copy of the program.

6.06 • 13 Jul 2019

This release improves stability of the program and fixes several small bugs that were discovered and reported by our users. We thank you for this! Without your help it would be difficult.

6.05 • 01 Apr 2019

In this release we are fixing several issues related to the security. Due to the nature of security we cannot provide more details (it is security, right?) but you should not worry, these issue was not general.

6.04 • 25 Jan 2019

We are not standing at the same point all the time, we do move ahead and today we are publishing few important changes to our program.
• We have disabled popup window which asks you for your opinion about our program. Less annoying message, more time to work. We do already know that you like our program, thank you!
• We have disabled links to web resources which was in the interface of our program. Now interface of the program is much cleaner. Thank you for your feedback!
• According request from third-party we making some changes to the legal part of the program. Some documents on the site and in the program will be updated to meet reality. There is no problems with the program itself, but just one of the statements at our site has been expired and was not removed ontime.
• Added chinese translation of the user interface.
• Added arabic translation of the user interface.

6.03 • 18 Nov 2018

This is a minor release that related to some issues reported by our users.
• Fixed issue when the program can crash at startup with error #6060.
• Fixed issue when the screen may blink during deletion process.
• Fixed issue when the program can crash during cleanup of large files.
• Corrected problem with empty window which may appear after closing our program.
• Some other small bugs fixed.

6.02 • 05 Sep 2018

This is technical release that fixes several bugs.

6.01 • 25 Jul 2018

This is a minor update for the program, it includes several bug fixes and we translated the program interface to the most popular languages. To switch the language of the interface, click the 3-dotted button (near the "Close" button) and select "Change language".
• English translations corrected.
• Added Italian translations.
• Added Russian translations.
• Added French translations.
• Added Greek translations (Greek is still a partially automatic translation).
• Fixed several bugs in the program and in the installer.

6.00 • 25 May 2018

Today we're introducing completely new release (major upgrade) of the program. There are few big changes:
1. The program has a new look and style, but don't worry, you will recognize all features of our previous version.
2. All codes were re-written from scratch.
3. Interface was made to be more friendly for user.
4. Added new framework, which is common set of features for all our programs.
We can't provide more details about all the changes, because there are more than hundred, its better to take a look. In one word - it's a new program. Give it a try. If you will have any problems with the new version, please report them to us as soon as possible.

5.12 • 15 Feb 2018

CRITICAL UPDATE. This update is very important. It fixes critical bug, please install as soon as possible.
• Details about the problem. Recently we have moved to a new server and the new software on our new server was not compatible with old versions of our programs. The problem was in conflict between two security protocols: our programs use TLS version 1.0, but new server accepts only TLS version 1.2. Because of that all programs which we have released before will be unable to communicate with the server. If you will not install this update you will not be able to receive updates in the future, subscribe, activate or anything else that requires interaction with the server. Your program will be disconnected forever. Please accept our apologies, this situation made a lot of pain to us, we really didn't like to update all programs at once, but this is the only one solution.
• Added support for security TLS version 1.2.
• Added security patch for updates, to prevent such situation in the future.

5.11 • 06 Feb 2018

Minor update that fixes issues with translations and security.
• German, greek, polish and french translations was corrected by human.
• Code signing certificate replaced with a new one.
• Few other minor changes to the code.

5.10 • 22 Nov 2017

Great news! With this update we start new promotional campaign: you can win free professional version! See more information below. Also, in this update we made a many changes to the core libraries of the program. You will notice many visual changes to the system functions, however, basic operations related to the data deletion are the same. Changes are:
• Win professional version! During installation or update of the program you can win professional version. This promotional campaign have no expiration date yet, thus you can be the owner of professional version for a long time! And it's for free! Every time you install or update our programs - you taking part in this lottery. If you won, you will be notified by message on the Desktop. You will not need to provide any credit cards, no personal information needed!
• New interface for general preferences of the program.
• You will notice new links to helpful articles on the web.
• Fixed bug: some supported languages was missing from the list.
• Updates will now be installed using express settings, so you don't need to go thru every step of the installer. You will see the difference next time you will install an update.
• Disabled anonymous statistics. The program will no longer collect basic technical anonymous stats. Privacy is important.
• Fixed bug: empty window can appear after closing the program.
• Optimized procedure on the program load, it will start faster, less bugs.
• Notification about professional version will be displayed less ofter, we don't want to annoy you.
• Other minor changes to the code.
In the next release we will work for some change related to the main purpose of the program (we have plans to add new features) and we will continue working on translations of the program interface. Thank you for using our pograms!

5.09 • 14 Sep 2017

This is a minor release that adds huge function! Now you have 4 ways to securely delete your files!
• Today we're introducing "Burn_It" folder! Yes, the folder on your Desktop inside which all files and folders will be automatically securely deleted as soon as you'll move them to that folder. This is a small addition can make huge change in your life. You can enable this option in the settings area of the program. And, after restart of Windows OS, you will see special folder "Burn_It" on your Desktop. Just move any files or folder to that folder and they will be securely erased using recent security settings. No need to launch our program again and again. This action is equivalent of the same procedure which you did with the program, but it works on background. Just try it, you will like it!
• Corrected bug with the encoding during submission of feedback.
• Procedures on the program startup was optimized. Startup of the program should be quicker.
• Corrected problem with empty window which may appear after closing our program.
• Some other small bugs fixed.

5.08 • 12 Jul 2017

Our new version includes several improvements that related to user interactions with the program.
• Less clicks! You can skip one step during work of the program. From now on you're not required to confirm security options every time you delete some file. You can now skip this step and continue directly to the deletion process. But don't worry, access to security options will appear as additional button on th confirmation screen. To enable or disable this option please visit preferences of the program. Also note that enabling or disabling this option requires program restart.
• We have added 1 second delay before program quits, if you choose auto-exit. Thus, you will notice that the work is done, and the program not crashed.
• Added feedback system, please leave your vote! You will see small link "Tell us the truth" at the final window. Click it ;)
• Added link to leave feedback about our program to the window "About the program".
• Some other minor changes to the code.

5.07 • 30 Apr 2017

This is a good update which includes many new functions and changes, some of them very visible and some of them just inside the code, but please take a look!
• We moved window with security options, now you will see it right after review of your files. This is more convenient, as you can now choose security options for each removal separately.
• Fixed fatal crash: when the program tried to write in to random places of empty file.
• Fixed fatal crash: incorrect position of the progress bar in the program.
• Default color of the program has been changed from pink to light pink.
• Added option to the preferences of the program to disable popup tooltips with explanations.
• Corrected portuguese translation, big thanks to Rui Rebelo.
• Corrected slovenian translation, big thanks to Jardan Rudec.
• Program interface was cleaned - we have moved some elements, changed buttons, replaced links with buttons, removed duplicate controls. Interface now looks much more cleaner.
• All links related to the technical service of the program has been moved to window "About the program", which is available from the settings area.
• Deleted some garbage in the program files.
• We're introducing "Professional version"! From now on some functions of the program will be available to you after additional paid registration. This will give us great motivation to develop updates and new releases for the program. Don't worry, registration is optional and you still can use main functions of the program for free.
• Some other minor changes to the code.

5.06 • 02 Mar 2017

This update includes very important security change, new function and few minor changes.
• Security first! The program was signed by a new code signing certificate, because the old one will expire in this month. We ask you to update the program as soon as possible to prevent security problems.
• New feature: we have added new feature (you can find it in the program's preferences) to keep the program window at the top of other windows. This may be very convenient if you use drag-and-drop feature, to keep our program at the top of the process.
• German translation was corrected by human, thanks to
• Added Slovenian translation, thanks to Jadran Rudec
• Added Greek translation, thanks to
• Added new link (you can find it in the program's preferences) to open window "About the program".
• Fixed problem when the window was not at the center of the screen.
• Some other light improvements.

5.05 • 21 Dec 2016

This update includes few minor changes.
• Added support for 28 languages, some translations was made by humans, some of them using Google automatic translator. We're still looking for volunteers who will help us correct these automatic translations!
• Design of system alerts was improved.
• Interface of greek language was partially translated by our volunteer from, thank you very much!
• Installation improved: program files folder will include original english text files for translation, if someone would like to help us with the translation.
• Installation improved: links in the Windows OS menu was re-arranged, there is no mess there now.
• Some other light improvements.

5.04 • 17 Oct 2016

This release includes visual and hidden changes, it's recommended for everyone because this update fixes several issues with the program stability. Changes are as follows:
• We made changes to the program icon: still the same, but a little different. Now it looks in style with our other programs.
• The most important: we have corrected 3 security flaws which stop our program with the error message. Do you remember, sometimes you saw a message that access to deleted file denied (or when you choose some protected file) and the program finishes. This wont happen again, sorry.
• The program will not ask administrative privileges when deleting files which are located on the non-system disks. This is convenient.
• We have added warning for you if the program's interface was translated automatically, so you can switch to original english if you don't like automatic translation. Don't worry, this warning appears only once.
• We have added link for activation of the program (however, this functionality still in beta testing). We will tell you about this option later.

5.03 • 05 Sep 2016

• In this release we have added turkish translation for the programs interface. Very big thanks to volunteer who made this for us and for you for free!
• In this release we made very big step ahead for quality. Our program will now track any possible error which may appear in our product and report them to us. Just think: you saw some error message, and usually you can do nothing about this, but... In background... In a few seconds our engineers will receive alert about this error. And we will start working to find reason of the error, and find a solution to it. We hope this new functionality will reduce number of problems with our products, and minimize error messages, make our software high-quality not just in words. This function does not require any additional actions on your side, and there is no settings at all.
• Now the program will remove temp files which is usually left after update. Thus, the program does not waste space.

5.02 • 16 Feb 2016

This update is very important for overall security. It contains a few major and minor changes, namely:
• We have improved the procedure for file deletion, this change applies to all security algorithms within the program. In the earlier versions, our program prevented caching using standard features of Microsoft Framework. Now we do the prevention of caching using the native Windows API procedure, which proved to be is more secure.
• From now on, all connections to our site (for example, checking for updates) are made via SSL. It's a secure web protocol that can not be hacked.
• From now on, if there is an updated version of the program, you will be able to review the section "whats new" before the installation of the new version. You can also choose to skip the installation of the update.
• When you install an old version of our product you will see a notification that a new version is available. We made this because many web sites keep our setup files in the cache, and offer an old version to customers, whereas there is a new one.
• When a new version of the program is found, the program will show you a dialog for installation. Earlier, the program used to show just a small text message at the bottom of the window, which was easy to miss.
• Reduced system load on Windows startup.
• Program signed by a new code signing certificate (sha256).

5.01 • 03 Jan 2016

This release of the program deals with the translation of the interface. We implemented 8 different text translations, using Google automatic translator. Currently, our program supports the same languages as our web site does, namely English (obviously!), German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, and Japanese. We know that Google automatic translations are not very good, but this is a chance for you if you wish to help us! If you have spare time, you can join our team of volunteers and help us translate our program. Feel free to contact us for more information.

5.00 • 31 Dec 2015

Today we release a completely new version of this program, version 5th series. It has a new look and style (which you can change by choosing colors for every element). All codes are re-written, interface is made more friendly for any user. We also added several security algorithms for data destruction, not well-known, but very secure. Also, the icon of the program is changed, it is now red. Starting with version 5, the installation will be based on InnoSetup for a maximum convenience.


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